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Insider Threat Program Management / Manager Careers


Have you considered a career in the field of Insider Threat Program Management / Insider Threat Mitigation?

If you hold an existing security certification and need to fine tune your knowledge and skill sets in the areas of Insider Threat Program Management and Insider Threat Mitigation, you are only a step away.

The field of Insider Threat Mitigation is growing rapidly. The U.S. Federal Government (Dept. of Defense, Intelligence Community), Defense Contractors, large and small businesses are looking for qualified individuals to fill positions such as Insider Threat Program Manager, Insider Threat Analyst and related positions.

This demand is increasing as the incidents of employee theft, espionage, fraud, IT sabotage and workplace violence continue to grow. The National Insider Threat Special Interest Group has compiled some eye opening reports, surveys and incidents related to the Insider Threat problem. The damages can be severe and very costly.

According to Indeed, the salaries for a qualified Insider Threat Program Manager range from $75K to $120K. Salaries for an Insider Threat Analyst range from $80K to $120K. Some positions may require a security clearance.

So how does someone interested in entering the field of Insider Threat Program Management and Insider Threat Mitigation, become qualified to enter this field?

There are numerous security certifications that attempt to set baseline knowledge and skill standards for positions in Cyber Security, Information Assurance, Information Security, Information Systems Security, IT / Networking Security, etc. Unfortunately, these certifications do not provide the knowledge and core skill-sets an individual needs to develop and manage an Insider Threat Program, or support the organizations Insider Threat Mitigation efforts.

Insider Threat Program Manager / Insider Threat Analyst Training

The Insider Threat Defense Group is the #1 choice for Insider Threat Program Management, Insider Threat Mitigation and Insider Threat Analyst training.

The Insider Threat Defense Group is excited to announce that we have provided our training and consulting services to an impressive list of 650+ businesses / organizations.

The Insider Threat Defense Group has awarded over 900+ Insider Threat Program Manager Certificates to individuals that have successfully completed our Insider Threat Program Development / Management Training Course.

Client Listing

Insider Threat Defense Group clients state that our training and services are the most comprehensive, holistic, resourceful and affordable available.

With over 10+ years of Real World Experience, we have helped organizations develop, implement and manage robust and effective Insider Threat Programs, using a methodical approach and ability to Think Outside The Box. We are confident that we provide our clients with the Gold Standard for successful Insider Threat Mitigation.

Our Insider Threat Program (ITP) Development and Management Training Course will ensure the ITP Manager, ITP Senior Official (Insider Threat Analyst, FSO, CSO, CISO, etc.), and others who support the ITP (Insider Threat Analyst, Human Resources, IT, Network Security, etc.), have the Core Knowledge, Blueprint, Resources needed for developing, managing, or enhancing an ITP.

Training Brochure

This training will also ensure that anyone in the field of Cyber Security, Information Assurance, Information Security, Information Systems Security, IT / Networking Security, etc. have the in-depth knowledge and skills required for Insider Threat Mitigation.

Insider Threat Program Manager Certificate

Students who enroll in this training will receive an Insider Threat Program Manager (ITPM) Certificate after the completion of this training.

This certificate will validate and provide confidence to employers that the ITPM:

  • Understands the regulatory requirements for an ITP (National Insider Threat Policy, NISPOM Conforming Change 2)
  • Has the core knowledge and communications skills to effectively develop, implement, manage or support an ITP, that goes beyond compliance regulations, to ensure the organization has a robust and effective ITP.
  • Understands the legal considerations on the collection, use and sharing of employee information, and will protect the privacy and civil liberties of employees.
  • Has the knowledge required for data collection, integration and analysis, to identify potential or actual Insider Threats.
  • Can conduct Insider Threat Risk Assessments to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and provide actionable risk mitigation strategies to detect, deter and mitigate Insider Threats.
  • Is knowledgeable of various Insider Threat Detection and Mitigation tools and solutions, for enhanced detection of Insider Threat risks.

The Top 5 Reasons Insider Threat Defense Is The #1 Training Provider

Why is our training in such demand? Why does our training receive excellent student evaluations?

First, our training is very affordable, compared to other training providers who provide Insider Threat Program Management Training.

Second, it is because of our extensive experience in the field of Insider Threat Mitigation, and how we design all of our training courses, IN DEPTH.

Third, we approach Insider Threat Mitigation from a holistic and enterprise perspective, A to Z.

Fourth, our training also Mimics the role of a Malicious Insider, to assume their point of view to achieve their objectives. We incorporate the Insiders Playbook of Malicious Tactics into our training. This will help our students find holes in their organizations security defenses, before a Real Malicious Insider does.

Fifth, we back our training with a Guarantee. If any student fails to grasp the content of our training courses, we will allow the student to attend the next course at NO CHARGE. We are the ONLY training provider to offer this type of guarantee.

Please contact us to discuss further a career in the field of Insider Threat Program Management / Insider Threat Mitigation.

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