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About Us

The Insider Threat Defense Group was founded in 2009 by Mr. Jim Henderson (CEO Bio) (ITDG Overview). Our office is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. We are a U.S. based company and provide our services worldwide.

The Insider Threat Defense Group is considered a Trusted Provider for Insider Threat Program Development / Management Training and Insider Threat Mitigation Consulting Services to the: White House, U.S. Government Agencies, Department Of Homeland Security, TSA, Critical Infrastructure Providers, Department Of Defense (U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force & Space Force, Marines), Defense Contractors, Intelligence Community (DIA, NSA, NGA) FBI, U.S. Secret Service, DEA, Law Enforcement, Spacecraft Manufacturing – Launch Providers, Aviation / Airline Industry, Banking – Financial Industry, Health Care Industry, Universities, Fortune 100 / 500 companies and others; Microsoft Corporation, Walmart, Home Depot, Nike, Tesla Automotive Company, Dell Technologies, Discovery Channel, United Parcel Service, FedEx Custom Critical, Visa, Capital One Bank, BB&T Bank, HSBC Bank, American Express, Equifax, TransUnion, JetBlue Airways, Delta Airlines and many more. The Insider Threat Defense Group has provided training and consulting services to over 650+ organizations.

Client Listing

Over 900+ individuals have attended our training and received Insider Threat Program Manager Certificates.

The foundations and comprehensive nature of our training and consulting servcies come from our 10+ years of extensive experience in the field of Insider Threat Mitigation. We were the first company to offer comprehensive training and consulting services to the U.S. Government and Cleared Defense Contractors, who were required to implement Insider Threat Programs, based of off National Insider Threat Policy, and NISPOM Conforming Change 2 regulations.

Our instructors and consultants are recognized as experts in the field of Insider Threat Mitigation. They have hands-on experience helping government agencies and businesses with all aspects of Insider Threat Program Development, Management and Optimization.

Student / Client Satisfaction & Comments

The Insider Threat Defense Group offers the largest selection of training courses for Insider Threat Mitigation. Our instructors are recognized as experts in the field of Insider Threat Mitigation and provide more then just training. They have hands-on experience helping government agencies and businesses with all aspects of Insider Threat Program Management. Our instructors also specialize in areas that are of the greatest concerns to an Insider Threat Program: Legal Aspects and Behavioral Science.


Mr. Henderson

Mr. Henderson has 10+ years of IT Security / Network Administration experience, and over 15+ years of experience protecting classified information up to the Top Secret SCI Level, with hands-on experience in the development, implementation and management of; Insider Threat Programs, Cyber Security – Information Systems Security Programs, Information Assurance Programs, for U.S. Government Agencies (Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community Agencies (ICA’s), Defense Contractors, State Governments, large and small businesses.

Mr. Henderson has held numerous high level security positions working for the following government agencies: U.S. Special Operations Command, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, DoD Insider Threat Counterintelligence Group, Defense Security Services, Department of Energy and Health and Human Services.

Mr. Knutsen

Former Senior Intelligence Service Officer With The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Mr. Knutsen retired as a Senior Intelligence Service Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, after 30 years of service. Within the National Clandestine Service, he was responsible for creating the vision, and leading the Agency’s sophisticated Counterintelligence and Security Technical Insider Threat Detection Program, which became recognized as the ‘Gold Standard’ for the U.S. Government Intelligence Community.

Mr. Knutsen lead an interagency team of technical and policy experts in response to unauthorized disclosure from WikiLeaks resulting in the adoption of numerous enhancements to protect sensitive information. Mr. Knutsen has supported both commercial and government customers to enhance their Insider Threat Programs.

Mr. Walker

Former NSA Insider Threat Program Manager

Mr. Walker retired in 2019 after 39 years with NSA. He was the architect for NSA Security’s Insider Threat Solution. The program included a proactive and preventative component to help keep employees safe from external threats and self harm.

The solution required a whole team approach which included legal, IT, data owners, programmers, network engineers, data scientists, behavioral scientists, and investigators. The program was recognized across the Intelligence Community and private sector. It revived many accolades and awards but the best part was the successful protection of NSA family members.

Mr. Warmka

Mr. Warmka is a former Senior Intelligence Officer with the CIA, having over 20 years of experience in breaching the security of target organizations overseas. He is an Adjunct Professor at Webster University’s Masters in Cybersecurity Program, Founder of Orlando, Florida based firm Counterintelligence Institute, LLC and author of the non-fiction book “Confessions of a CIA Spy – The Art of Human Hacking.”

Mr. Warmka is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Certified Instructor at CIA University (CIAU)

Dr. Gallagher

Dr. Gallagher of the Guardian Defense Group, has extensive experience training and consulting about the human side of Insider Threat, Violence and Espionage. As a Clinical / Operational Psychologist, former military Intelligence Officer, and Former Federal Special Agent, he has had the opportunity to study and apply his knowledge of human dynamics in a wide array of contexts.

Dr. Gallagher previously served as the Senior Behavioral Science Advisor for the DoD Insider Threat Management and Analysis Center (DITMAC). In this role he consulted on the most concerning and high profile Insider Threat cases for civilian, military and contract personnel across all 44 of the Department of Defense component organizations. Dr. Gallagher serves as the Scientific Director to National Insider Threat Special Interest Group.


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