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Insider Threat Incidents

How Costly And Damaging Can An Insider Threat Incident Be?
Reviewing actual Insider Threat incidents will provide a much broader view of the problem. Unfortunately most surveys and reports are focused on computer and network Insider Threat related incidents, and leave out many other very costly and damaging areas of Insider Threats.

Insider Threats are occurring at an alarming rate. Posted on the Insider Threat Defense Group Twitter page are incident after incident that are happening at organizations of all types on a weekly basis. (Between 10-20 Incidents Per Week) Many of these are not your typical Insider stealing data. They are financial theft, fraud, embezzlement, etc. Insiders in many of these organizations have worked at the company for a long time. They look at business processes for vulnerabilities and exploit them.

Most CEO’s want the justification and Return On Investment (ROI) for developing, implementing and managing an Insider Threat Program. These incidents should provide a clear business case for the necessary C-Suite Buy-In and Security Investments ($$$) needed for ITM.

Insider Threat Defense Group Twitter Page – Updated Weekly


Insider Threat News E-Magazine
The NITSIG maintains an Insider Threat News E-Magazine. The e-magazine is frequently updated, and contains a large number of Insider Threat Incidents of numerous types, that have been very damaging and costly to the business or organization. The e-magazine also contains information and articles related to the Insider Threat Mitigation.


Association Of Certified Fraud Examiners 2020 Report On Fraud
The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2020 Report to the Nations is a study of the impact that occupational fraud has on organizations throughout the world.

Occupational fraud is fraud committed by individuals against the organizations that employ them, and is among the costliest forms of financial crime in existence.

Report Highlights
2,504 Cases Of Fraud
Data From 125 Countries
23 Major Industry Categories
Covers The Costs, Schemes, Victims And Perpetrators

Link To Download Report

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