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National Insider Threat Special Interest Group

National Insider Threat Special Interest Group (NITSIG) Membership
The NITSIG was created to function as a National Insider Threat Information Sharing & Analysis Center. The mission of the NITSIG is to provide organizations and individuals with a central source for Insider Threat Mitigation guidance.

The NITSIG Membership is the largest network (1000+) of Insider Threat Mitigation Professionals in the U.S. and globally. The willingness of our members to collaborate and share information among the membership has been the driving force that has made the NITSIG very successful.

The NITSIG Membership is FREE. To join you must complete and sign the membership application. Instructions for sending the application to the NITSIG are in the application. You will be put on the NITSIG e-mail distribution list for future meeting announcements and other relevant information.


NITSIG Meetings
The NITSIG has meetings primarily held at the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, Maryland, ManTech Herndon, Virginia and other locations (NITSIG Chapters, Sponsors). There is NO CHARGE to attend. See the link below for some of the great speakers we have had at our meetings.


NITSIG Insider Threat Mitigation Resources
Posted on the NITSIG website are various documents, resources and training that will assist organizations with their Insider Threat Program Development / Management and Insider Threat Mitigation efforts.

NITSIG Insider Threats To Critical Infrastructure


NITSIG LinkedIn Group
The NITSIG has created a Linked Group for individuals that interested in sharing and gaining in-depth knowledge regarding Insider Threat Mitigation and Insider Threat Program Management.

This group will also enable the NITSIG to share the latest news, upcoming events and information for Insider Threat Mitigation and Insider Threat Program Management.

We invite you to join the NITSIG LinkedIn Group. You do not have to be a NITSIG Member to be join this group:


NITSIG Insider Threat Symposium & Expo
The NITSIG is the creator of the “Original” Insider Threat Symposium & Expo (ITS&E). The ITS&E is recognized as the Go To Event for in-depth real world guidance from Insider Threat Program Managers and others with Hands On Experience in Insider Threat Mitigation.

Attendees leave the symposium with an in-depth understanding of how to develop, implement, manage or enhance an Insider Threat Program, and have the in-depth knowledge for gathering, analyzing and correlating data sources to detect and mitigate Insider Threat risks.

At the expo are many great vendors that showcase their training, services and products. The link below lists vendors that have exhibited at ITS&E events, and provides a description of their solutions for Insider Threat detection and mitigation.

The ITS&E provides attendees with access to a large network of security professionals for collaborating with on all aspects of Insider Threat Mitigation.

Some of the many great comments that have been provided to the NITSIG about past ITS&E events, were the outstanding speakers and the large selection of vendors that were on display, showcasing Insider Threat Mitigation and Detection training, services and products.

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