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Welcome To Insider Threat Defense

  • Insider Threat Defense has become the "Leader-Go To Company" for Insider Threat Program Development Training and Insider Threat Risk Management Services. We provide a broad portfolio of training and services to potential clients, that will address "Insider Threat Risks" with a cost effective, comprehensive and holistic approach.


  • Insider Threat Defense has provided our training and services to 500+ organizations; U.S. Government Agencies (Department of Defense, Intelligence Community), Defense Contractors, NCMS Members / Chapters, Defense Security Service, Critical Infrastructure Providers, Aviation / Airline Industry, Spacecraft Manufacturing-Launch Providers, Technology Companies, Banking - Financial Industry, Health Care Industry, and other large and small businesses.


Insider Threat Defense Offers The Following Training And Services

  • Insider Threat Program Development Training Course

  • Insider Threat Program Development Training Course For National Insider Threat Policy & NISPOM Conforming Change 2 (More Info)

  • Insider Threat Program Working Group Training Course

  • Employee Threat Identification And Mitigation Training Course  

  • Cyber Threat - Insider Threat Workshop For CEO's And Board Of Directors  

  • Insider Threat Awareness Briefings / Training

  • Insider Threat Training Academy - Web Based Training (More Info)

  • Insider Threat Program Personnel Knowledge And Skills Assessment

  • Agent Surefire Insider Threat Investigation Game

  • Insider Threat Program Development & Guidance

  • Insider Threat Program Management Services

  • Insider Threat User Activity Monitoring Tools (Guidance / Implementation)

  • Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Services (Assessments / Mitigation Guidance)

  • Insider Threat Data Exflitration Testing

  • Employee Continuous Evaluation And Monitoring Service

  • E-Mail Phishing Testing Service / Cyber Threat Awareness Training

  • For More Information Please See: Insider Threat Defense - Insider Threat Risk Management Training And Services Catalog


Training Class Schedules

  • Training classes are being planned for 2017 in the Columbia / Laurel, Maryland area, and other locations throughout the U.S. Please check back for more details.

  • Interested in having a training class taught to your security group / chapter or other organization? Please call to discuss further.

  • Interested in hosting a training class for multiple companies? (Your Company Will Receive A Discount On The Training). Please call to discuss further.

Insider Threat Defense Clients
Insider Threat Defense has a very impressive portfolio of clients. We are a recognized and trusted partner by security professionals at;

  • White House National Security Council

  • National Security Agency (NSA)

  • Department of Defense (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines)

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

  • Government Accountability Office (GAO)

  • Social Security Administration (SSA)

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

  • Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

  • Department Of Energy (DOE) (Office Of Intelligence / Counterintelligence)

  • National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

  • OPM – Federal Investigative Services

  • Defense Criminal Investigate Service (DCIS)

  • Defense Security Service (DSS)

  • U.S. Cyber Command

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • Intel Federal

  • American Express

  • BB&T Bank

  • Equifax

  • Home Depot

  • United Parcel Service

  • FedEx Custom Critical

  • JetBlue Airways

  • Delta Airlines

  • And Many More.... Full Client Listing


Why Do Companies And Organizations Choose Insider Threat Defense?

  • Insider Threat Defense is a pioneer in Insider Threat Risk Mitigation, being one of the first companies to offer comprehensive Insider Threat Program Development Training to the U.S. Government and Defense Industrial Base Contractors.


  • Insider Threat Defense training and risk management services go beyond traditional compliance regulations; National Insider Threat Policy,  NISPOM Conforming Change, Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Etc.), These compliance regulations are very weak in the area of Insider Threat Risk Mitigation.


  • Insider Threat Defense training and risk management services executes the "Insiders Playbook" of potential breach scenarios, to find holes in security defenses, before an Insider does.


  • Insider Threat Defense training and services are based upon the extensive research we have been conducting since 2009 on the "Insider Threat Problem". This research has been done in partnership with; U.S. Government Agencies, (Department of Defense, Intelligence Community Agencies), Defense Industrial Base Contractors, Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Vendors, FBI Maryland InfraGard Insider Threat Special Interest Group, National Insider Threat Special Interest Group, large and small businesses.


  • This collaborative environment of information sharing among Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Professionals, has provided Insider Threat Defense the unique opportunity to continually enhance our training and services to provide our clients with a "Gold Standard" for successful Insider Threat Risk Mitigation.

Insider Threat Defense Client Satisfaction

  • We offer our clients proven Experience, Past Performance, Comprehensive Training, Commitment, Research, Collaboration, Awards.

  • Past clients are rating our Insider Threat Program Development Training and Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Services in the "Above Average" to "Excellent" Category. (References Available Upon Request) (Client Comments)



How Damaging Can An Insider Threat Incident Be?
The National Insider Threat Special Interest Group has complied some "Eye Opening" reports and incidents related to the insider threat problem, showing that a "Malicious Insider" can be as damaging, or more damaging then an "External Cyber Criminal".




Protecting your organization against "Insider Threat Risks" is critical. Our team of Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Experts are available to answer any questions you may have about our training and services.




Contact Us

Jim Henderson, CISSP, CCISO
CEO Insider Threat Defense, Inc.
Insider Threat Program Development Training Course Instructor / Risk Mitigation Specialist

Cyber Security-Information Systems Security Program Management Training Course Instructor
Founder / Chairman Of The National Insider Threat Special Interest Group
888-363-7241 / 561-809-6800



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